Real estate law

In this area we provide legal advice for transfers of real estate to both the buyer and the seller. Legal services involve representing clients in negotiations concerning the conclusion of contracts, assessing contractual documentation, checking that there are no legal and factual flaws in the transfer of real estate, as well as advice in fulfilling all obligations related to the transfer of real estate – negotiations with the cadastral authority and tax authority when submitting a tax return, securing the drawing up of a building energy performance certificate, etc.

In this area of law we are ready to provide you with help in the following matters:

  • legal service when establishing associations of housing unit owners, preparing owner declarations, definition of housing units
  • transfers of housing units into the personal ownership of members of a housing cooperative
  • comprehensive preparation of documentation for the purchase and sale of real estate (executing a reservation agreement, purchase agreement, gift or transfer deeds), including the possibility of depositing the purchase price in an escrow account only for this purpose
  • safekeeping of papers and all documents relating to real estate and not just to its transfer
  • establishing servitude – easements (e.g. rights to lifelong use of real estate, right of way through land), pre-emptive right and lien
  • execution and revision of lease and sublease agreements of apartments or business premises


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