Medical law

For several years now our law firm has been representing clients who have suffered a physical injury or have lost a family member due to unauthorised intervention by a third party or other loss event. In working with medical law specialists, particularly expert witnesses, our office has represented hundreds of satisfied clients and secured the maximum possible amount of compensation.

We are ready to help you with any physical injury caused due to the following incidents:

  • Accidents
    car accidents, injury in operating elevators, escalators, ski-lifts, etc.
    injuries to cyclists and pedestrians,
    railway and air accidents, accidents on boats and other vessels
  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases
    injuries caused by the operation of machinery and equipment, accidents on building sites,
    slipping, tripping over on dangerous surfaces
    damage to health from the effects of harmful and dangerous substances, effects of noise, dust, etc.
  • Accidents during a holiday
    injuries in an accommodation facility
    injuries during trips and excursions
  • Professional error of judgment
    medical negligence
    damage to health as a consequence of the side effects of drugs
    damage to health as a consequence of the use of medical instruments and devices

Our services dealing with damage to health include a first free consultation with the client. The subsequent fee is always negotiated separately for a specific case, and in come cases we give free advice to the injured party and charge the fee to the guilty party.


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