Civil law

In the area of civil law we provide advice to private natural persons - citizens. Our office’s activities involve executing and analysing all kinds of contracts while stressing the need of taking into account the specific nature of a case to avoid possible future complications or litigation.

In civil law we can help you in the following areas:

  • consumer protection – unsolicited business communications, unsolicited goods or services, complaint proceedings
  • indemnity, insurance law, actions for insurance benefit
  • drawing up all kinds of agreements and deeds (purchase, gift, lien, loan agreements, etc.)
  • recovery of debts,
  • protection of personal rights against unauthorised intervention into the right to identity, name, dignity and health,
  • final appeal of the invalidity of contracts, withdrawal from contracts, return of gifts
  • protection of title, settlement of joint ownership and community (marital) property


Registered office:
Dlouhá 16, 110 00 PRAHA 1
Tel: +420 227 195 341

Branch office:
Osvoboditelů 1124, 410 02 LOVOSICE
Tel: +420 227 195 341