About us

The law firm of Šubrtová & partneři was established in 2007 in Prague and gradually expanded its activities to also cover the area of Lovosice where it opened a branch office in 2009. Since establishing the office we have managed to build a good position among law firms and thanks to our approach to clients, we enjoy good relationships and continue to expand our client base.

Our law firm provides a complete legal advice service to persons of private law and in areas concerning the personal sphere of each individual, as well as the business activities of small and medium enterprises. We provide legal advice above all in the following areas:

  • civil law, commercial law and labour law, specialising in the agenda of the law of obligations and activities connected with the daily running of a company,
  • real estate law
  • medical law and personal rights, damage to health
  • representation in judicial, arbitration and administrative proceedings

Our law firm fulfils all its jobs in accordance with a bilaterally agreed schedule specifying binding processing dates. A detailed schedule for the preparation of partial supporting documents is always specified with the client upon mutual agreement, but always so it meets the client’s needs. A highly positive point of our firm which our clients value is flexibility and speed, while maintaining high expertise and quality of performance.

Our office’s services are billed according to the time spent on individual jobs, inasmuch as our clients are always firstly informed of the estimated amount of time. This will give them an idea of the amount of the fee they will need to pay. However, it is always possible to negotiate a fixed sum for a specific job while the crucial criteria when negotiating the fee are the estimated amount of time spent, rate of assumed risks, volume of verified documents and speed of settlement.


Registered office:
Dlouhá 16, 110 00 PRAHA 1
E-mail: info@aksubrtova.cz
Tel: +420 227 195 341

Branch office:
Osvoboditelů 1124, 410 02 LOVOSICE
E-mail: info@aksubrtova.cz
Tel: +420 227 195 341